Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program

Our volunteer program is very relaxed. When you come to stay with us, you are part of our family! You are free to design your own volunteer experience. We encourage you to let us know which of our projects and goals are the best match for your talents before you arrive, so that we may coordinate the best possible experience for you. If you have any ideas that are not listed here, but you think may be beneficial for us, we encourage you to share!

Volunteer Possibilities

  • Teaching.  Teachers with experience in Early Childhood and Primary School Education are welcome, as well as those with a willingness to learn and assist our teachers. Please note that most of our students are English Language Learners, whose primary language is Luo.
  • Building.  We are currently in need of people who can help us in constructing a resource Centre for training farmers, design and build composting toilets, and create new dormitories for our volunteers.
  • Clean water project.  Help us design and implement a system to carry and filter water from the nearby river to the Centre.
  • Permaculture. Those with a background in permaculture are welcome to help us in designing and working at our demo farm.
  • Business.  You may assist our farmers Micro-finance Group, or help us with grant proposal writing and fundraising ideas.
  • Home Activities.  Learn to cook traditional African meals with my wife Jacky. Help with general household duties.
  • Other.  Please let us know what skills you would like to share!
Wish List

Some of our volunteers and donors have asked us to provide a list that highlights some of the basic supplies that are most urgently needed. Although it is never required, we would graciously accept any contributions, no matter how big or small.

School books
Textbooks are in short supply. Right now each class is sharing only 1-5 of each textbook, but there are many more students than books. We need 10 more of each of the 5 required textbooks (Science, Social studies, Mathematics, Christian Religion Education, Kiswahili) so everyone has enough. These books are available to purchase in the local bookstores for about 400ksh a piece.

Any contribution will help enormously, but the following example represents what it costs to buy all the books we require: 1 book 400ksh (US$4.60) x 10 books (1 subject) x 5 subjects = 20,000ksh (US$232.00)

Classroom supplies
Notebooks, composition books (ruled notebooks for writing), pencils, pens, rubber erasers, chalk, clear tape (to reinforce shared books), rulers, hole punchers, stapler, paper clips.

Learning games, story books, lesson plans for English language learners, reference books.
Examples: Dictionary, Bibles, Encyclopedias or Almanacs, International and English language books (grade PreK-5).

Arts and crafts
Paper, paints, colored pencils, crayons, glue, scissors.

Soccer balls, sports equipment, games.

Farming tools and building
Saw, simple construction and fencing materials, string, measuring tape, grafting knives, machetes, tape, sharpening stones, hammer, nails, shovel, buckets, rake, hoe, gloves, work clothes, boots.
Seeds and seedlings: spices, moringa, herb seeds.

Water filter, sterilizing tablets, First aid supplies, water jugs, pitchers, soap.

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