Organic food Kenya is a community based organization registered by the Ministry of culture and social services in 2016. The CBO empowers the local schools, out of school youths , widows and the community at large.

In doing this, OFOK work closely with development organizations (Including local youths, Women groups and self-help groups) working within and around Homa Bay County and the bordering counties.

OFOK  recruit membership voluntarily around the area of operation


To provide trainings and modern Agriculture skills to poor communities in Kenya by developing fertile grounds to nourish organic foods, food security change lives of community members.


  1. Develop organic permaculture gardening and farming techniques
  2. Establish permaculture resource center and outreach program in the community
  3. Raise literacy, nature sports talents and build sustainable livelihood for the less fortunate


  1. Create self-sustaining projects within the communities and schools we work with
  2. Think; work smart to change a life.



  1. Poverty eradication.
  2. Training communities on agribusiness, permaculture and organic farming
  3. Promotion of food security
  4. Maintenance of biodiversity
  5. Promotion of Micro enterprises among communities
  6. Advocacy to the old and the vulnerable
  7. Co-ordinate with any group, NGO and Individual donor having same objective towards development and health.
  8. Nurturing sports talents among the communities
  9. Promotion of agroforestry and education to the less fortunate among the communities.
  10. To establish local and international partnerships
  11. Engaging in HIV/AIDS programme among the communities.


How We Work – Hands On
Organic food Kenya believes in sustainable permaculture models that are integrated into a community’s culture and its traditional methods of agriculture. We work with widows, school children, disadvantaged youth and small rural farmers. We establish educational school kitchen gardens, where children will learn organic farming methods, sustainable water management, nutrition and microeconomics. In addition we integrate our educational format into a life skills curriculum, teaching the children and their families about hygiene, sanitation, and nutrition.


Kokech Rural Self-Reliance Initiative Youth Group

The group is a non-profit-organization located at Ogamo village in Kokech location, Homa-Bay County in Nyanza Province Kenya. It was registered under ministry of gender, sports, cultural and social services. The certificate number is SRD|YG|148|2013.


We are a young, small organization and our growth is strategic and carefully planned. We expand our effort by developing networking, training groups of farmers to work independently within their communities. We want to promote the utilization of natural resources they depend on by advancing the practice of sustainable Agriculture.



A situation where small scale farmers are recognized in the community with their innovation as well as their strength which is fully utilized for their owns and the society’s good. Hence the community moves towards a sustainable development.



Rural communities in which organic farming is recognized as an environmentally friendly, economically viable and socially approach to sustainable food production.

food security
water conservation
improvement of incomes
maintained of biodiversity
preservation and promotion of agriculture on smallholdings
Education and health
technology, information access and transfers
networking and collaborations
institution strengthening and capacity building


transparency and accountability
respect for all stakeholder
zero tolerant for corruption


· Training young farmers on techniques of farming
· demonstration farm with crop husbandry
· intercropping
· Rural enterprises (soap making, cake baking, yoghurt making, juice and jam)
· Training kids on permaculture at a local primary school.


· ECDE/ OVC Centre
· kitchen gardening (bio intensive farming)
· saving and credits
· tree nursery and planting
· compost making
· fodder establishment and management
· Fish farming/acquiponics
· Green energy ( Solar lamps)
Outreach Programmes:
· farmers learning center (demonstration farm)
· farmers education exchange visits
· training on training for all communities groups

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