Good day folks, I am happy to be back home after taking two weeks at Laikipia taking my PDC with PRI Kenya, It was a good experience and we indeed learnt a a lot. Well I am here to ask for your support and collaboration. I would love to be a credited permaculture teacher in future but for now I would love to start implementing what I learnt because it is all start with ourselves. We have a piece of land that we already started working on as many of you who have been following my posts know. We would love to buy the land and the cost of the Land is Ksh80,000, we did pay Ksh30,000 today through an advocate and we still have a a balance of Ksh50,000 to clear with the land owner as shown on the agreement letter bellow. We need help of extra Ksh20,000 to process the title deed and Ksh 46,000 for fencing.This is the most important part to start with. We therefore in the look out of 1341 Aus dollars to have this in place! Apart from my family who needs my support there are many needy children and old people who needs our support too and we would love to reach as many as we can. We will love to use the farm for training farmers and growing food for the community and ourselves. We have decided to post here and will be contacting some of our friends directly through the emails for the same! Please we are not selfish to ourselves but we love doing things that help many people! Kindly consider our call!


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